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Storm Damage Prevention: Shielding Your Home from Destructive Winds

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home paintingAuthorities have advised Perth residents to take precautions with the severe weather associated with the current season. News stories have shown how the winds have become destructive, sporting 125 km/h gusts that can be damaging for both residential and commercial properties.

In most cases, PermaCoat says that the wind itself isn’t a big threat to property damage; rather, it is what the wind can hurl onto the roof. Missiles – not the gusts – are what hurt your roof whenever the winds are blowing. These objects can take the form of anything that the wind can lift and throw to cause damage.

To prevent wind damage on your roof, you should observe these following precautions:

Clear your roof

First of all, you should clear your roof of all possible debris before the storm hits. Clogged downspouts weigh down your roof and expose it to the risk of leaks. Be sure that all your gutters are attached securely. When your roof has loose edges, remedy it temporarily with straps and additional clips so that you can reduce the incoming damage.

Prune your trees

When you have a thriving garden, chances are you have some trees and big plants around. You have to know how to prune them for the storm. You should know the proper way of doing this to avoid weakening the tree’s structure permanently. The wind can sway the trunk of a tree and cause it damage if the tree is too old to resist the force. At the same time, branches may snap and hit the roof whilst a storm is ongoing.

Prepare your home

Finally, prepare your home for the upcoming weather phenomenon. Apart from understanding your surroundings, you should secure your home’s windows with permanent storm shutters or plywood boards. Strengthen your garage doors to prevent structural damage. Should you have some furniture outside, try your best to bring everything inside, tying down all the others that you’d leave outside.

Like hail and rain, winds can also be destructive for a property. Use these precautions to shield your home from severe damage associated with this weather phenomenon to avoid costly repairs after the storm.

What Low Iron Levels Indicate About Your Health

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eye disease specialistsIron can make a big difference between feeling energetic and downright miserable. It’s an important component of the human body, which helps it function properly. Out of all nutritional shortages, iron deficiency is the most prevalent in America. Without proper levels of iron, you may begin to feel weak.

While it’s normal to feel overtired, a constant state of fatigue could signal an underlying medical problem. Your iron level can provide clues to your overall health.

You have an enlarged thyroid

If there is a shortage of iron in the body, your thyroid’s function may become slower. Grave’s disease sometimes develops in people with low iron. It’s the most common form of hyperthyroidism, and it happens when a person’s immune system attacks the thyroid gland. According to thyroid eye disease specialists, many people don’t know they have it until they consult a doctor. If you notice low energy levels, weight loss, swollen eye, talk to experts immediately.

Your tongue looks weird

A common oral effect of iron deficiency is a burning sensation in the mouth, especially on the tongue. People with this deficiency can also have fungal infections, pale tissue, and trouble swallowing. During the early stages of iron deficiency, the symptoms may not be noticeable. As the body becomes more deficient in iron, the signs may begin to worsen.

You have weak, brittle nails

Iron deficiency can cause the nail bed to be thin and concave. Some rippling or bumps in the nails can provide valuable clues about your health. Apart from iron deficiency, some warning signs for conditions such as hepatitis and heart disease may also appear on the nails. Even the cutest manicure and pedicure can’t hide thin, brittle nails. Know that the lower the iron levels, the worse the symptoms can be.

Watch for these warning signs, as they can range from mild to severe. It’s important to make sure your iron levels are normal.

Social and Personal: Social Media and Its Impact on Trade Shows and Events

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social mediaSocial media has changed – and is still changing – the way people interact with each other, both online and offline. It has made connecting with audiences easier, whether you’re part of a news outlet, a marketing department, or an event management team. For businesses, social media has become a powerful tool to get messages across.

Social media can also do a lot to help boost your brand and improve the impact you make during conferences, trade shows, and other events. Here are a few easy tips on how to make it possible:

Tweet It

Hashtags and trends such as #SXSW, #Oscars2014, #OscarSelfie, #Grammys, and #WorldCup are perfect examples of how social media can greatly boost an event’s coverage and a business’s brand. Twitter has become an important marketing tool in trade shows. You can use this platform to influence the industry, journalists, and consumers by simply posting tweets about the events, exhibits, and programs that excited them the most. An even better option is to let them do the tweeting and have them tag you via hashtag or mention. No matter how they post, it’ll positively reflect on your business.

Reach Out

Most trade shows tend to focus their attention only on a certain audience group, but you can take it to another level by reaching out to people outside the trade show. You not only bring more people in, you also expand your network.

With the help of social media platforms such as YouTube and trade show sales experts like, you can reach out to markets that couldn’t make it to the event. A simple video that emphasizes your display and sales pitch can generate enough buzz and interest beyond the venue.

Get Feedback

One trade show objective you should achieve is finding out what your potential customers and partners think about you. Get feedback from the participants who visit your trade show booth by doing a quick mobile poll. Ask those who you meet and connect with to answer a survey on Twitter or Facebook.

You can then use this information to improve your products, services, strategies, and sales pitches to get more traction in future marketing plans.

Using social media for your trade shows and the like does more than just help get your message across. It also shows participants and consumers that you’re interested in connecting with them and learning more about them. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms create mutual relationships. By connecting with others, both socially and personally, you promote your brand and expand your network. It’s a win-win.

Raising Capital: Funding Options for Your Business

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capital for businessWhile self-funding is the most common business funding method, it is not suitable for everyone, especially those with limited savings. As expenses often exceed revenue during the infancy stages of business, it is important to explore different funding options.

Here’s a discussion on the topic to guide you:

Venture Capital

This funding option is a type of equity financing that supports the budgetary needs of companies with potentially high returns. Most venture capital investments are made through cash in exchange of shares or executive role in the company. It is completely different from other financing sources, as it only focuses on new and high-growth businesses. It is an active form of financing and monitors the portfolio companies through capital structure and strategic marketing.


This refers to building or starting business with little or no money. According to the State Government of Victoria, a bootstrapped business operates using credit cards and advances from customers, leasing instead of buying equipment, and multiskilling. Perth accountancy firms like also say that bootstrapping is a good option for small businesses that cannot attract venture capital.

Business Angel

Angel investors can be individuals or former business associates who are willing to invest money in your company. It is ideal for established businesses that need funds to develop a new product or marketing strategy. Angel investors provide a portion of capital and ask only for debt repayments or partial ownership of the company in return.


This method is done through social media networks to encourage friends, family, acquaintances, and the general public to lend small amounts of money. This has gained popularity during the past few years, with young and tech-savvy entrepreneurs commonly employing this method. Crowdsourcing only suits businesses that need a small amount of money.

In capitalising a small business, it is important to know the different financing options when you’re ready to expand. It is also best to consult business coaches and accountants to know which funding option is best for your business.

Going Solo: The Perks of Living Alone

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renting a condoMost people spend their childhood years with their parents and siblings. As they grow up, they start exploring and experiencing things. They start dreaming about being successful in a particular career, buying their own house, or driving a new car. They want to live independently, hang out with friends, and enjoy.

As a young professional, you’re dreaming of a good life. You want to enjoy every day while you’re still single. You want to explore opportunities and make a good fortune. Living independently can be a good start.

Your House, Your Rules

So you’ve decided to move out and live alone. Finding a place to live is the first thing to do. See those ads saying “Makati Condo for Sale and Rent”? Buying or renting a condo in a bustling city like Makati is a good option if you want to live in a vibrant urban setting.

One good thing about living alone is you can organize your space as you wish. You can arrange furniture according to your taste and style. There’s no curfew – you can sleep anytime you want and do whatever you have to do without bothering anyone.

Finding Yourself

Living alone gives you time to appreciate and understand life. Whether you’re staying in an apartment or a condo, the solitude allows you to reflect and remember all the good times you’ve shared with your loved ones. A separation can enhance love and affection. Imagine how happy and excited you’ll be when you visit your family. Being alone will also help you determine what you really want in your life.

Personal Growth

When you live alone, you’ll be more responsible and efficient. You’ll learn how to manage your time and make decisions. You’ll be more confident because you’re not depending on anyone.

Living solo will help you grow personally. Don’t be afraid of the challenges that you might face along the way. Just be strong and make your dreams your inspiration.

It’s a Lopsided World: What You Need to Know About Asymmetrical Breasts

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breast implantsMost women have asymmetrical breasts to some degree. Sometimes, the tissue grows differently on one boob than it does on the other. Some even have one breast that has a longer shape, while the other has a wider shape.

This has been a real issue for women. Many have been looking for answers online, asking questions on forums about their uneven or lopsided breasts.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about your asymmetric cups:


Getting the right bra may help you even out the appearance of your asymmetrical breasts. A woman’s bra size can change more than five times in one lifetime, so always check and measure them. One important rule is that if your breasts have different sizes, fit the bra over the larger breast instead of fitting it over the smaller one.
There may be a gap on the cup where the smaller breast resides, but you can always put in a bra pad. But this method may only make your boobs appear bigger, and will not solve the problem in the long run. Medical experts advise women who seek permanent solutions to their asymmetrical cups to get breast implants.


No one knows what really causes the breasts to develop asymmetrically from one another, but most doctors assume that genetic tendencies, hormonal changes, traumatic injuries, or random events make them grow differently.

Uneven breasts can also result from breastfeeding—the more the baby sucks on one breast, the larger it gets as more milk comes in.

Other Abnormalities

There are other abnormalities when it comes to breast size and shape. Tuberous breasts or breasts shaped like tubes are also common—the breast is not broad, but rather constricted, giving it a tube-like appearance rather than the normal cone.

Another condition is hypoplasia, which could be a congenital or familiar characteristic. Women who have hypoplasia have abnormally small breasts. Those who have hyperplasia, the opposite condition, have abnormally large ones.

Abnormalities in the breast size and shape can significantly affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are methods that can help you correct this.

Argentina Has To Keep Improving, Says Messi

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Image by LG전자 | Wikipedia

La Albiceleste had secured their spot in the next round already, but football superstar Lionel Messi urged his teammates to keep improving. They were on top of Group F after a pulsating win against Nigeria.

‘We Have to Work’

The forward scored twice in the game which took his tournament tally to four. Still, he said that his side needs to improve more.

“We saw a good Argentina, despite the two Nigerian goals. Now we want more, we have to keep improving.” “I think we have improved from the last [two] games. We played against a team that was going forward with good players,” he added.

“We said before: our strikers had to move a little bit more because we weren’t finding spaces. We had that today and we have to work, so the next game we won’t concede goals.”

Last 16

Argentina is set to face Switzerland in the next round. Nigeria took the second spot in Group F and will face France next.

Till It Like It Is: What Not to Do When Gardening the Organic Way

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gardeningGardeners say there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments. While this may be true for those who have a green thumb, the same may not be applicable for beginners and those who don’t have enough knowledge about organic gardening.

While gardening is a trial-and-error approach for many, you can boost your chances of having a fruitful bounty by avoiding these mistakes that can turn an organic garden into an unintended disaster.

Going Too Organic

Organic gardening means letting nature take its course, right? Not completely. Even organic gardens need fertilisers and pest control products. Plants and soil still need nutrients, and you can provide this without going for chemicals.

Never neglect these two things, but do choose fertilisers and pesticides that don’t contain inorganic chemicals.

Not Using Compost

Organic gardening means you do away with chemical fertilisers. However, you still need something to nourish your plants. Composting products providers like explains not using compost for organic gardening will equate to poor plant growth.

Making your own compost is easy. You just have to have the right tools and knowledge on what you should and should not include in your organic dirt pile.

Too Much Watering

Water your plants deeply, but not often. You only have to water the vegetation regularly during the warm season, or when needed. When hydrating the plants, aim for the soil, not for the leaves, to keep any microorganisms from spreading.

Planting the Wrong Vegetables

Just because you want to plant carrots and lettuce doesn’t mean you should. Always check if the plants you’re planning to grow are appropriate for your geographic location, climate, and soil. Certain plants thrive in different climates and seasons, so make sure to choose the ones that are right for your situation.

Not Expanding Enough

One important factor that makes natural ecosystems thrive is their diversity. This means it’s always a good idea to have different plants growing at the same time. This way, when something happens (pest infestation or storm), some plants may still survive and you still have something to harvest.

Do away with these mistakes and your garden will have greater chances of growing, thriving, and yielding wonderful bounties.

Stand Up to Abuse: What to Do After a Sexual Assault

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hiring reliable personal injury lawyerAbout 17% of women in Australia aged 18 years and over had experienced sexual assault since the age of 15, according to a latest report by the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA). Sexual assault can range from inappropriate touching to a life-threatening attack, and a victim doesn’t always look battered and bruised. Oftentimes, it leaves no obvious signs.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of one, it’s important to know what to do after the assault.

Consider Legal Action

Sexual assault is categorised as a criminal offense under Australian laws. About 85% of sexual assaults never come to the attention of the criminal justice system, so it is important to have your case reported. Consider legal action, especially if you are physically injured, mentally injured, or both, from sexual assault, so look for an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Before doing so, make sure to report the incident to the police in order to make a claim. It is also important to note not to wash or change your clothes, as it may destroy the strong evidence that can make you win the case.

Seek Medical Help

It’s important to immediately seek medical help, so that doctors can examine you for possibilities of injuries, sexually transmitted infections, or anything of the sort. As a victim and a survivor, the emotional and psychological trauma you experienced is far greater than the physical ones, so consult a counsellor to lessen the troubling emotions you are feeling.

Feeling angry, helpless, and shocked is common, and you may have problems with eating and sleeping, but the best thing to do here is to think that it’s not your fault. A counsellor or psychiatrist can help you understand your feelings and make you feel better, so never hesitate to consult one.

Call Someone You Trust

No matter how late it is, call someone, like a close friend, your mom, or any of your loved ones—or better yet, go to them. While going to a counsellor is important, talking to someone you trust will make you feel even better.
For a survivor like you, a vital part of the healing process is the support and validating responses from your family and friends.

You may find yourself helpless and alone, but always remember that there are many people who are willing to help you stand up again. Above all the shock, anger, and devastation, remember that you are a survivor.

Thomas Muller Insists He Did Not Provoke Pepe’s Red Card

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Thomas Muller

Image by Steindy | Wikimedia

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller is adamant he did not provoke the referee into sending off Portugal defender Pepe. Germany beat the Iberian nation, 4-0.

German Rout

The German side proved too powerful as Joachim Loew’s players breezed through the Portugal defense. Muller opened the floodgates after scoring from the spot. Afterwards, defender Mats Hummels hammered a header beyond reach of Pepe. Muller added another before the halftime, taking advantage of the lousy defending. He completed the rout with his third for the game in the second-half, earning him the first hat-trick in this year’s competition.

Needless Confrontation

In one heated moment, Muller and Pepe clashed with the former going down under the flailing arm of the latter. Pepe, however, needlessly confronted the Muller and appeared to clash head. The referee was right in front of two and immediately showed the Real Madrid defender the red card.

In an interview, Muller said, “What happened after that I cannot tell exactly. I hope it did not look stupid. I did not want to provoke anything but I don’t know 100 per cent how I fared in this situation.”