Pool Party Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday

Children Playing Inside a PoolIf you’ve been scratching your head about the ideal theme for your child’s upcoming birthday, you may want to consider holding a pool party. Pool-themed parties are popular for three reasons: they are easy to plan, affordable to hold, and incredibly exciting. Here are some ideas to ensure your party makes a splash.

Venue ideas

If you’ve got a pool in your home, then the venue is right in your backyard. You only need to talk to a company offering to rent party supplies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can hire the perfect tent where you’ll keep the food, party favors, and other goodies as your children and their friends have their fun at the pool.

If you don’t have one, talk to a friend about using their pool or get an inflatable pool for hire.

Decoration ideas

You can make a huge colorful sign to set the mood. Buy some inflatable palm trees and put them around the pool area. In case you’re hosting the party in the evening, put bamboo torches at various spots in the yard for that tropical island mood lighting.

Food and cake ideas

All that activity in the pool will get kids hungry quickly. Be ready with enough pizzas, cupcakes, and sweets for the kids to eat. For drinks, prepare lemonade and smoothies. For the cake, continue the tropical atmosphere with pineapple or mango flavors.

Pool party game ideas

You could hold a swimming race, a diving contest, or even water volleyball, provided the kids are old enough. The King of the Island is one popular pool party game, though there are so many others that could fit your child’s age and interests. Come up with other creative ideas to spice up the occasion.

A pool party is a splendid way to celebrate your child’s birthday, especially if it falls in the summer. It is the one way you can be sure that everyone is having fun without necessarily making a dent in your bank balance.

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