Taiwan Mainland Council Alerts Sichuan Of H5N6 Human Infection

chicken coopTaiwan’s Mainland Council has issued a travel alert to level 2 in Sichuan province in China, following the world’s first reported death caused by H5N6 bird flu in the southwestern province.

First Death Caused by H5N6

A 49-year-old Chinese man died after undergoing medical treatment in a hospital. A report said the first victim of the H5N6 avian flu strain had been exposed to dead poultry and was initially diagnosed with pneumonia.

The authorities said people who had close contact with the man have shown no symptoms.

The travel alert in Sichuan is now parallel to alert levels in the provinces of Hunan Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Jiangxi, where the avian flu is still rampant.

Bird Flu Cases

Experts believed H5N6 to be a “low-pathogenic bird flu virus,” which was previously detected in Germany, Sweden, and United States in the year 1984 until 2013.

In China, 250 cases of avian flu had been reported along with 96 counts of death from the H7N9 strain in January until March, said the National Health and Family Planning Commission. With the significant toll in the country, public feared the possible mutation of the virus and become easily transmissible among humans.

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