Time for Kindergarten: Is Your Child Ready?

Couple with their childAs new parents, it can be quite stressful to think about your kids’ education. When is the right time for them to go to school? Are they ready to leave your care and be able to be around other kids on their own? These questions may have been brewing in your mind for so long that it is preventing you from making decisions on time. You, yourself, might not even remember when you started schooling.

Before you get your child into St. Edward School kindergarten classes, you might want to know if they are ready for it. Here are some things your child should already know before stepping into school.

Personal Basics

While you should not expect a kindergartener to count from one to a hundred, there are some basic knowledge and skills they should be able to do. Included in these personal basics are recognizing their own name in verbal and written forms. Writing their name with their dominant hand is also necessary. They should be able to sit still and listen to other people and at least reply in sentences.

Learning Basics

Check if they already cover at least some of the things they learn in school. From the alphabet and basic shapes to counting numbers at least from 1–20, they should already have an idea of what these things are. Recognizing colors and their respective names are also relevant. The most important thing, however, is their ability to follow instructions in 1–3 steps. Just by knowing this, you can ensure they will be ready to learn in school without your guidance.

When you think your little one has these things in their arsenal, it is time for them to climb to the next level.

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