Types of Mental Disorders in Elderly People

elderly woman consulting with her nurseGeriatric patients often suffer from diseases that affect them physically and mentally. This necessitates the need for medical care services. Fortunately, elderly home health care services go a long way in increasing the comfort and maintaining the dignity of their patients. With that in mind, here are various mental disorders that affect seniors:

Anxiety Disorder

This is more common in later life, and it has a more difficult diagnosis process than depression. This is because most of the diagnostic tests today for anxiety disorder only work when patients are young. Therefore, when it occurs, the best that families can do is provide as much care as possible to make the patients comfortable. This lowers their anxiety levels and helps them overcome other health issues.


It is also referred to as chronic organic mental disorder, dementia is the primary reason for the setup of geriatric care units. It is characterized by acquired memory loss and the impairment of other cognitive functions. Providing caregiving services for patients with dementia helps by ensuring that they remain in familiar places. Hence, they feel secure in their homes.


Compared to medical research on conditions such as dementia, delirium disorder is highly under-investigated. It is characterized by acute confusion. This often worsens the symptoms of other sicknesses and increases the mortality rate. Home health care comes in handy for old patients with delirium. Caregivers help manage their condition through therapy and medication.

While most mental disorders go undiagnosed, they are treatable. Due to the complicated relationship between mental diseases and physical illnesses, ultimate care must be given to patients. This not only alleviates the symptoms of these disorders but also improves the quality of life of patients.

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