For the Young Professional: Where You Should Move in London

property salesLondon continues to paint a beautiful picture of a diverse community with thriving opportunities. Government figures show that the employment rate of domestic workers has risen to 72.8%, a few digits higher than the statistics for non-UK citizens, which is at 69.5%. Indeed, the UK capital has been teeming with young professionals in the past few years.

But for those who are about to join this population, there is one problem: where would you live in London? To help you with that, here is a short list of the finest places in the UK capital for the young professional.


Brixton may seem like a dull, busy area, but it is actually ideal for young professionals. The rent in this location is not as expensive as most people think, not to mention that the area is home to posh restaurants, shops, and cinemas. Transportation is easy, too, given the many bus and tube connections in Brixton.

Shad Thames says rental properties in Shad Thames have reasonable prices, given the location and charm of the area. The place has many apartments and warehouses, not to mention that it is very close to the City of London. With this charming appeal on top of the many attractions in the area, it is the perfect location for the young professional who wants a calming retreat after every busy work day.

Dalston and Shoreditch

These two locations are perfect because of their eclectic, bohemian lifestyle. Dalston is quite new in being one of the top locations for professionals, but it has become quite popular since the Italian Vogue named it as the coolest area in London. If you want to go a little more high-end, consider Shoreditch. This is where bankers, entrepreneurs, and fashionistas all intersect. It is, in a sense, the hub for creative and financial centres in London.

Move to any of these places and enjoy what London has to offer. Surely, these locations will tickle your fancy and give you the best living experience possible whilst you climb up the career ladder.

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